Unveiling Frantz Fanon: On Agency, Cixous and Algeria

Exploring Notions of Agency, Femininity and Body Politics in the Algerian War of Independence

I Write Like a Painter; I Write Like the Sun.

I am really excited to share this short movie clip with you of Cixous at the NYS Writing Institute. In a beautiful, poetical way, Cixous tells us that ‘she writes like a marathon runner’, and when she doesn’t write, she sleeps (this may sound like a recognizable time table for my fellow Comparative Literature peers), and when she sleeps, she dreams. And what is it to dream? Indeed, to dream is to write.

Not only is this short clip extremely inspiring, it is also important to hear from Cixous herself the very materiality and fluidity of writing; the visuality, the physical effort and the dialogues that are at stake while inscribing the word. Oh and have you noticed the sun is shining again?


Battle of Algiers: The Full Film

What better way to spend the friday night than to watch a film with a glass of red wine? Well, a lot of other ways. For those of you who still have nothing planned on this chilly evening, I highly recommend you watch this film, which goes under the name of The Battle of Algiers (1966). I already gave a teaser of this film in my first (!) post, but since teasing people is a generally a bad thing, I decided to post the whole film here. Provacative yet informative, beautiful yet horrific, this film depicts the tensions of the Algerian war of independence in a rather direct way. Especially the choice of music (in the ‘bombing scene’), which is, according to ‘Саша Б92′ on YouTube qarqab, a instrument characteristic in Gnawa music, gives this film a peculiar aura.