On this blog, I will post (weekly) updates of my research. In short, my research entails exploring notions of agency in relation to textuality and language. My research started when I read Fanon’s ‘Algeria Unveiled’, which I thought was highly interesting but lacking one major point; a feminine, agential if not embodied perspective. As many before me argued, Fanon again performs the equating the female body to nationalistic ethics and ideals, and moreover, in describing these ‘female warriors’, he is falling back on the patriarchal structure that is set to define ‘woman’ against ‘man’.  I therefore decided, with a teacher at the University of Utrecht, to further explore this notion of agency in relation to the veil, and the Algerian war of independence. The deeper I dived into the literature on the veil, agency, Fanon and Algeria, the more I realized that, besides the act of veiling, the textual veiling is what concerned me, and others, the most. With the help of Jacques Derrida, Hélène Cixous and many others, I hope to come to a better understanding of the veil that we call text; the text that both veils what is actually being said or referred to, but also as a way of unveiling a space where (the veiled woman) can freely move, and practice the act of (un)veiling without patriarchal, Western judgement and binary thinking. For a more extensive, and probably more nuanced, explanation of ‘my research’, see my very first post on this blog, entitled ‘We Must First Conquer Their Women, Or; The Birth of a Research’.

Have I aroused your interest? Good. Feel free to join me on this exciting quest through postcolonial, poststructural and feminist thinking, I would be truly honoured.