Battle of Algiers: The Full Film

by rooswijnants

What better way to spend the friday night than to watch a film with a glass of red wine? Well, a lot of other ways. For those of you who still have nothing planned on this chilly evening, I highly recommend you watch this film, which goes under the name of The Battle of Algiers (1966). I already gave a teaser of this film in my first (!) post, but since teasing people is a generally a bad thing, I decided to post the whole film here. Provacative yet informative, beautiful yet horrific, this film depicts the tensions of the Algerian war of independence in a rather direct way. Especially the choice of music (in the ‘bombing scene’), which is, according to ‘Саша Б92′ on YouTube qarqab, a instrument characteristic in Gnawa music, gives this film a peculiar aura.